• Jenny Heckmann

I am continuing to provide photography services through the world of COVID19. If you schedule with me, know that it's business as usual and you can rely on my services.

As a reminder, please only book with me if your plans are solid. Deposits are non-refundable and final payments due the week of services, are also non-refundable if a client decides to cancel. In some cases, I have postponed services, with credit to their account for when the client can reschedule at a later date.

However, if the studio were to have to cancel for any reason, payments would be returned to the client.

I hope this clears up some confusion about booking expectations.

Thank you,


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  • Jenny Heckmann

I've limited what services I offer for a while now, but the time has come to provide more options! So, I would like to announce new options for purchasing HD metal prints, Keepsake boxes with prints and a USB of your photos, as well as large (8x10 or larger) high quality prints that you can frame yourself.

HD metal prints come ready to hang on your wall and look absolutely stunning. They range from 8x10 to 30x40.

Keepsake boxes come with 30 4x6 or 5x7 prints, a custom USB with your photos loaded onto it, and a custom box lid. You can choose to either have an engraved or photo box-top.

Large prints are of the highest quality paper, either glossy or metallic, your choice! This is only offered for 8x10 sizing or larger. Please contact me for more details.

In addition, if there are any photos of my work that you need for your home or office, please reach out and we can discuss pricing and what medium would be best.

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  • Jenny Heckmann

The week of Christmas I was out shooting several family portraits. I love how each family is different in what they are looking for, how they interact with each other, and how I feel like a piece of their life becomes my own for an hour. It's amazing how intimate photos can be, even when it's in a common setting such as an outdoor family shoot. I learn each person's smile, their personality, and by the end of the shoot and the subsequent editing, I develop a connection with each individual. It's not something you probably think about when hiring a photographer, but I'm here to tell you that at least for me, it's personal. I enjoy every single session and am fond of all of my subjects. Thank you to all who have welcomed me in to your lives. I remember each an every one of you and wish you well in the new year.

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